Tallis/Tefillin Bag 12-07

Suede - 12-07 Tallis/Tefillin Bag 12-07

Black Suede Tallis/Tefillin bag with elegant ivory design in center.

Product Details

Material Suede
Color Black / Ivory
List Price Price
Tallis/Tefillin Bag Set12-07 TBF $86.00
Tallis/Tefillin Bag Set

Buy the full set: Save money, and get the Tzedakah bag FREE!

Talis Bag Size: 14 by 14 inches

Tefillin Bag Size: 9.5 by 8.5 inches

Tallis Bag12-07 TB $58.00
Tallis Bag

Size: 14" by 14"

Tefillin Bag12-07 TF $28.00
Tefillin Bag

Size: 9.5" by 8.5".

Tzedaka bag12-07 TZ $14.00
Tzedaka bag

Size: 4" by 3"


Tallis/Tefillin Bag 12-07Buy Tallis Bag Set and get a free matching Tzedakah bag
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